North American Tests

ANSI Z26.1
Test 1 Light stability
Test 2 Luminous transmittance
Test 3 Humidity Test 4 Boil
Test 9 Impact (30' dart drop)
Test 12 Impact (30' dart drop)
Test 15 Optical deviation and visibility distortion
Test 17 Abrasion resistance (plastics)
Test 19 Chemical resistance (nonstressed)
Test 24 Flammability of plastic materials
Test 28 Resistance to temperature change

ASTM D4956 (for signs) Colour performance (for signs)
ASTM D-882 Tensile strength
ASTM D-903 Peel test
ASTM E-1354 Cone calorimeter
ASTM E-162 Surface flammability
ASTM E-622 Smoke generation

BSS 7239 Toxic gas generation test
FMVSS-302 Flammability of glass

UK Tests

BS: 6853Toxic Fume
BS: 6853Smoke Density
BS: 476Part 6
BS: 476Part 7
LULToxicity Testing (This is so Vandal Shield could be used in tunnels)

Please find below a list of tests Vandal Shield has gone though in the US and the UK. For results of the following tests please feel free to contact us: